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The Water Authority of Southeastern Nassau County is a public authority originally created in 1991 by New York State Legislation to explore the potential of a public takeover of the then New York Water Service Corporation.  The enabling legislation called for a board of five members, three to be appointed by the Supervisor of the Town of Hempstead and two appointed by the Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay.   

The original authority board met over a period of six years during which time it held numerous public meetings to discuss the operations of New York Water and to address the questions and concerns of the public as they related to a potential public takeover of the company by the Authority.  In April of 1997 the original authority board members voted to stop seeking a takeover at that time citing the concerns residents had with regards to school tax revenue.

Since the time that the original board halted its efforts, New York Water Service was acquired by Aqua America, a nationwide water and wastewater service provider.  In recent years both New York Water and Aqua New York have successfully petitioned the New York State Public Service Commission for rate increases citing increased operating costs. 

Shortly after the Public Service Commission granted Aqua New York a three year rate increase in January of 2010, the Supervisors of both the Town of Hempstead and the Town of Oyster Bay announced that they would repopulate the board of the dormant authority.  

In September of 2010 the Hempstead and Oyster Bay Town Boards announced their new appointments to the Water Authority.  The appointments made by the Hempstead Town Board were Richard Ronan, John Reinhardt and John Molloy; the appointments made by the Oyster Bay Town Board were Edward Kennedy and Walter D'Amato.  The newly appointed members began meeting in December of 2010 and continue their work today.  Effective of the Board Meeting on September 7, 2011, Mr. Molloy has stepped down from the Board.  The seat held by Edward "Woody" Kennedy is currently vacant due to his sudden and unfortunate passing in April of 2014.

The mission of the Water Authority of Southeastern Nassau County is to determine and analyze the benefits and liabilities and study the feasibility of alternative forms of ownership and operation of the privately owned water system serving the southeastern portion of Nassau County.  To this end, the Authority's board will utilize the services of a professional valuation consultant to determine total acquisition and operating costs under a number of scenarios. 


During fiscal 2013, the authority, through the services of George Sansoucy, PE, LLC, has begun the study of the valuation of the assets of the former New York Water Services Company.  During fiscal 2013, the consultant has gathered all pertinent data from public filings and provided the authority with a draft preliminary report of its findings.  The Authority’s board members have begun reviewing this draft for the purposes of determining completeness and compliance with the authority’s needs.

Please click the link below to read a press release from the board regarding the valuation and feasibility study.

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Please click here for a copy of the Draft Valuation Report and Feasibility Study.

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